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Who can we partner with to develop our business as a specialist materials provider?

  We helped our client to form partnerships with companies that share technical synergies – a step they had...
Consumer 07 April, 2021

What opportunities are there to treat skin issues?

We identified key areas of opportunity to treat specific skin issues. Leading players operating in these areas were...
Consumer 31 March, 2021

What is the opportunity to provide a novel probiotic supplement?

  Our client wanted to identify novel probiotic strains with proven health benefits for exclusive use. The...
Consumer 30 March, 2021

What natural ingredients can we incorporate into our products for gut health?

  Our client wanted to identify natural ingredients with proven efficacy for incorporation into their products...
Consumer Food and Beverage 30 March, 2021

What topically-applied skin formulations provide robust evidence of actual health benefits?

  We were asked to investigate what evidence exists that proves different topically-applied ingredients deliver...
Consumer 29 March, 2021
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