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Is there opportunity to reposition a stable and commoditised food product to command a premium in the US foods market?

  This project aimed to establish if and where there was opportunity to move one of the client’s established...
Food and Beverage Industrial 07 April, 2021

Understanding peer strategy and activity in alternatives

  Our client wanted to understand the strategy their peer companies were following and their associated...
Industrial 07 April, 2021

Who can supply process equipment better suited to size our potato chips?

  The equipment used to size potato and other vegetable chips in the snack industry has remained the same for...
Food and Beverage Industrial 07 April, 2021

Management and commercialisation – novel renewables technology

  We led the UK-based NOVA consortium, which included representatives from three universities – Cranfield...
Industrial 07 April, 2021

How can we establish the benefits and drawbacks of ‘make’ versus ‘buy’ manufacturing?

  We helped our client to develop a cost model to be used as a tool supporting their decisionmaking about future...
Industrial 07 April, 2021
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