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Case studies archive

How can we develop a product innovation pipeline and what technologies do we need to know about?

  Our client is a leading international player in the food and beverage service sector and wanted to develop an...
Food and Beverage 01 April, 2021

Monitoring complex microstructure formation

The client's problem Our client, a multinational corporation, wanted to better understand their waste-water treatment...
Food and Beverage 01 April, 2021

Preventing discolouration of a beverage during storage

The client's problem Our client had recently developed a range of fruit-flavoured beverages containing artificial...
Food and Beverage 01 April, 2021

Who should we have on our Scientific Advisory Board?

  A successful Scientific Advisory Board was established and has been running several years. A Scientific...

What natural ingredients can we incorporate into our products for gut health?

  Our client wanted to identify natural ingredients with proven efficacy for incorporation into their products...
Consumer Food and Beverage 30 March, 2021
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