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Opportunity identification and assessment in the renewables sector

  Our client wanted to identify the opportunities to stretch their conventional service offerings and capabilities...
Industrial 06 April, 2021

Who can help us establish small footprint manufacturing in new markets?

  We worked to help our client develop more flexible and less resource intensive methods of manufacturing, in...
Food and Beverage Industrial 06 April, 2021

How should we evolve our product offerings to address the drive for sustainability in our market?

The project aimed to understand how sustainability drivers – including regulatory, standards, societal and customer...
Industrial 06 April, 2021

Entry to wind sector

  Technology Company A leading subsea communication services provider contracted us to evaluate options for...
Industrial 06 April, 2021

Which emerging science and technology fields have the potential to disrupt our business?

  The project aimed to identify the various fields of science and technology that would likely become essential...
Industrial 06 April, 2021
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