Case studies archive | Sagentia Innovation - Part 3

Case studies archive

How can we build sensory science into our product development processes?

  Sensory science has emerged as an academic discipline. It provides a scientific approach to understanding how...
Food and Beverage 29 March, 2021

Functional ingredients

  Our client, a leading multinational, had identified ingredients that convey health benefits as a key innovation...
Food and Beverage 25 March, 2021

Advanced nutrition

Our client, a leading multinational, was interested in conducting an assessment on organisations seeking to...
Food and Beverage 17 March, 2021

What should our food growth strategy look like?

We helped our client (an equipment supplier into the food industry) to develop its strategy and understand where it...
Food and Beverage 22 September, 2020

How do we decide which market to focus on for new product development?

We helped our client build a deeper understanding of the market landscape of health benefit areas by demographic...
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