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Webinar: Finding solutions for sample preparation at point of care

17 September, 2019

08:00 - 09:00 PDT,
11:00-12:00 EST,
16:00-17:00 BST

Sagentia's Nick Collier, CTO and Carl Hewett, Senior Mechanical Systems and Design specialist will be discussing solutions for sample prep at point of care and CLIA waiver.

As molecular diagnostics move to Point of Care (POC), lab-based processes are being adapted. One area that is sometimes neglected is sample preparation and CLIA waiver. In this webinar we will assess the current lab techniques and their suitability to PoC; the range of cartridges currently available; techniques that could be used such as electrowetting and ultrasonics; review the scientific literature and discuss emerging technologies and design strategies. You will come away with a greater understanding and insight into the challenges and opportunites of sample prep at PoC, key resources for achieving CLIA waiver and tips for maximizing the commercial value of your current system. 

This webinar will address: 

• PoC solutions on the market

• Challenges with impending solutions

• Promising technologies to keep an eye on

• Key strategies for achieving CLIA waiver 

• Maximizing the commercial value of your system 

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