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Innovatemedtec - The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Healthcare

27 April, 2017

Sagentia Medical's Managing Director Paul Wilkins will be attending this year's Innovatemedtec event in London on the 27th April. Discover the tools that are redefining how we prevent, predict, diagnose and treat disease, the legal and regulatory implications of the technology and its impact on global business models. Learn about:

  • SMEs already shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare¬†
  • The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence research from Imperial College
  • An example of a partnership between the NHS and Google DeepMind
  • What the NHS plans are for Machine Learning in Accident & Emergency
  • Big Pharma and how they are adapting to this future
  • How tech giants see machine learning across industries

Find out about the event here.

To meet up with Paul, contact us here.

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