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Webinar: Hospital to home – Taking chemotherapy & infusions to home-based treatments

Date: 9 December 2021

Time: 11:00AM EST (4:00PM GMT) 

Location: Virtual

Treatments such as dialysis were once the domain of hospital based care, but now home based treatments are allowing patients to live better alongside their conditions.

However we are in the early days of such treatments being available in the home, and most patients do not choose home based treatments as the unknowns can be scary. More and more treatments are being considered to move from hospital to home, and they all will need to address four key areas of Logistics & Storage, Infection Control, Usability, Emotion and Perception. There is a huge opportunity to improve the treatments in order to improve their adoption, the patient experience, and their outcomes.

In this webinar, led by Chris Humby, VP - Medical, we explore the next steps to taking some of the more difficult treatments into the home setting.

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