Webinar: How to design your medical product to solve the user’s hidden needs

Date: 25 November 2021

Time: 11:00AM EST (4:00PM GMT) 

Location: Virtual

All medical device developers strive for better patient outcomes, but what makes a truly innovative product? User centred methodologies in Human Factors, Voice of the Customer, User Experience design all help, but do the true latent needs really get found? And once found, which need’s should be addressed in the design of your med-tech product? When you look at your market ready device, will it serve the user need? Will it make the desired impact?

In this webinar Carl Hewett, Product Design & Innovation Leader, explores the value of a Human Centred Design process within a med-tech design context, and by getting those needs right, along with the value proposition, the product almost designs itself through thorough, validated, evidence based research. He will talk through Sagentia Innovation’s approach to HCD using our recent Red Dot award winning voice enabled surgical loupe, sPEEK to explore:

  • Uncovering latent needs to create value adding innovation
  • The application of human centred design to define technology enablement
  • Assessing the value proposition

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