Beyond compliance

04 October, 2016

Patient non-adherence is a problem that many pharma companies are trying to alleviate. The solution should be paired with an approach that makes taking prescriptions both easy and comfortable for the patient, and there are now a number of steps being taken to achieve this balance.

Approximately 50% of patients do not take their drugs as prescribed, thereby limiting the therapeutic effects of drugs and potentially costing healthcare services billions of dollars. As a result, there is an industry-wide trend for introducing monitoring devices to address this non-compliance. A trade-off exists in pharma between devices that are easy to use for the patient but offer limited actionable insight to the practitioner, and devices that provide more beneficial data relating to outcomes, but need to be used in a clinical setting or are otherwise more invasive to the patient. It is important to examine that trade-off and assess new advances that seek to sit in both camps.

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