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Brand bundling and diagnostics in the personal care market

06 February, 2013

Which skin cream do I buy? How often should I apply it? These and other personal care questions are increasingly being answered on what seems like a personalized one-to-one basis. But how could this be possible when a skin or haircare product is bought by 10’s of millions of consumers every year? The answer to achieving this personalized service is in the clever brand bundling and diagnostics that are associated with the product.


Boots now offer a personalized diagnosis of skin tone to recommend the perfect foundation color and Unilever has its Dove Advanced Diagnostic Device, which was developed by Sagentia. The device measures hair damage and provides a tailored recommendation of shampoo, conditioner and serum regimen. However, point of sale diagnostics that steer consumers towards their perfect product choice have been around for a while and the new kid on the block is the integral diagnostic that comes with the product itself! Take the Ioma Youth Booster for example, at £149 a pop it ain’t cheap, but the consumer gets a MEMS sensor in the lid and multiple LEDs to give a personalized read-out of the level of hydration of the user’s skin. Allegedly using the same MEMS technology that was used by the NASA Mars Rover, the consumer is told whether they need to apply the moisturizer once or more per day to achieve the level of hydration that will most effectively combat aging. Olay’s Pro-X product range now includes a wearable colour-shaded head-band that aids calibration of a digital photo sent in to the Olay website. Based on this picture a personalize recommendation of skincare product is sent back to the user.

We see the personalisation of cosmetic products through integrated diagnostics as a trend.

Having worked with clients on product development in this area, we see the personalisation of cosmetic products through integrated diagnostics as a trend that will continue to gain momentum. So what’s next? A toothbrush that works out which toothpaste to use or perhaps a comb that detects your hair type as it’s used. These may seem ridiculous now but they’re probably only around the corner!


Dr. Peter Luebcke
Personal Care Consultant



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