Geomechanics Initiative Network

19 August, 2020

How can you tell if your well will sand, or if you have a high probability of encountering wellbore stability issues? What’s the best completion design to use and what options do you have to optimize your drilling performance?  What subsurface considerations will affect your P&A plans? 

Geomechanicists are the oracles of the subsurface with their insights gained from software suites, models and hard-won experience.

As a result of an industry survey, OTM established the operator-only Geomechanics Initiative Network in 2018.  The four meetings to date have been focused on specific geomechanics themes:

1. Wellbore stability

2. Compaction and subsidence

3. HPHT & leak off tests / extended LOT

4. Sand prediction & injection modelling and monitoring


The meetings are unique as they are operator-only gatherings with topics discussed at a deep level and beyond what you might find in other bigger conferences/meetings.

The next meeting is taking place on September 24th / 25th and will be themed around: aiding and improving drilling operations and standards and assurance for Geomechanics.

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