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Subsea Wireless Group

Can you imagine a future where a field development takes place entirely subsea, with resident AUVs flying between wells or even between fields to manage production operations – and all facilitated by a range of interoperable wireless communications technologies?

SWiG was established to promote interoperability for subsea wireless communications with members working together to define standards that facilitate interoperability between users of different subsea wireless technologies including acoustic, radio frequency, optical, inductive and hybrid.

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SWiG has so far delivered:

  • A SWiGradio frequency standard
  • A draft version of a SWiGacoustic standard
  • A draft version of a SWiGinductive standard
  • A working group to look at a SWiGoptical standard

The group has also developed a 101 program to help educate and advertise SWiG and the base technologies that make the constellation of standards.

The next main SWiG meeting is scheduled to take place between 6th - 9th October 2020.

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