Millennial mums & dads cry out for baby tech

06 November, 2017

A range of new apps, smart technologies, and connected monitoring devices could become the norm for busy parents in the near future, according to Sagentia.

The product development specialist has applied its understanding of consumer and technology trends to predict how ‘baby tech’ will evolve in 2018 and beyond. Products and applications that help to free up time and take some of the anxiety out of parenting are likely to lead the way. Mums and dads that have grown up using digital devices and apps to make their lives easier are now expecting similar technology adoption in the baby equipment market.

Traditionally, the baby care sector has been resistant to technology innovation. But Sagentia’s vice president of FMCG/CPG, Dr. Neil Campbell, says this is about to change.

“The baby care sector has been relatively slow to join the digital revolution, but that’s down to consumer readiness rather than a lack of technical capability,” Dr. Campbell explains. “There’s no point in brands investing in new products that people aren’t ready for. But as more millennials enter parenthood, we will see an increased demand for baby tech. Brands are getting ready for this behind the scenes with exciting new devices and upgrades of existing products.”

Sagentia predicts that smart baby monitoring will be one of the first areas to take off with parents. There has already been rapid change in this space, from listening systems to video monitors to sensor mats. As sensors get smaller and cheaper, they can be integrated into baby clothing to provide real-time monitoring of temperature, hydration, and respiration, whether the baby is awake or asleep.

“New technologies will make it so much easier to monitor and manage baby health and wellbeing,” Dr. Campbell continues. “Many parents, like myself, are always wondering if our babies are too hot or too cold. Anything that can help parents relax more so they can fully enjoy precious time with their babies has got to be a good thing.”

Sagentia recently published a paper exploring this topic: ‘Time to push for baby tech’. It’s free to download here.