Alternative functional ingredient identification to grow supply network

Our client asked:

Our client, a global confectionery manufacturing company, was interested in growing its ingredient supply network, focusing on alternative texture-enhancing ingredients, which would improve its strategic position in the market.

The project story:

Using a phased approach, Sagentia Innovation developed an understanding of the ingredients’ functionality within the specific matrix. This allowed us to search and identify ingredients and recommend high-performing alternatives for our client.

We achieved this through:

  • Conducting a broad search within academic literature
  • Identifying and interviewing suppliers and sourcing samples
  • Applying a set of criteria to select ingredients taken forward for further evaluation
  • Experimentally validate the functionality of the ingredients against the product specification

Results: deliverables and outcomes

By developing an understanding of the science underpinning the ingredient functionality and combining our advisory skillsets and lab testing development capabilities, we could recommend a set of high-performing alternative ingredients with a very high functionality and specification to meet the product criteria. This enabled our client to grow their supply network and reduce costs.

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