Changing Women’s Health

Why, for so many years, has there been such little effort, research and investment gone into developing new products and technology focused on making women’s lives better? For years, the status quo has been maintained, leaving many women at the mercy of outdated practices in what has historically been a male-dominated world. But things are changing. Join Erica Kantor and Eileen Buttimer as they explore some of the new investments, advances in technology and an innovative “femtech” start-up community emerging and provide plenty of reasons to get excited about what’s possible in the women’s health sector.

Consumer Insights and Sensory Science

There is both an art and a science to all product development but how do you make sure you create the best product you know consumers are going to love? Science can tell us plenty about a product that a consumer panel may struggle to articulate. But given the messiness of the human experience, science has its limitations also. Join Simon Norman and Emma Gubisch in this podcast as they explore the role of sensory science and consumer insights when it comes to product development.

Exploring the journey from Farm-to-Fork

With plenty more mouths to feed – there will be some 10 billion people on this planet by the middle of the century – how can we produce enough food to sustain us, and the environment upon which we so heavily rely. The World Resources Institute says that there’s a 56% food gap – between what we currently produce now and what will be needed, demanding almost 600 million more hectares of land. Join Alun James and Simon Norman as they explore examples of how companies can make radical and sustainable changes in their food supply chains to achieve success.

Servitisation: making it work

There are plenty of good examples of servitisation out there - companies that have found a way to make it work and haven’t looked back. They’ve found ways of building long-term relationships with customers and they are creating plenty more value along the way. But, there’s plenty of things that can go wrong – there’s investment needed along the way, there’s recruitment to think about it, there’s a need to work out how best to make money from the switch to servitisation. Join Alun James and Ross Jones as they explore the challenge of servitisation and how to make it work for your organisation.

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