Advisory and product development services

Combining sector-specific commercial expertise with market intelligence, our product development and advisory services give our clients the fullest perspective on new opportunities – with objectivity and best advice always paramount.


Uniquely, our product development consultancy services are seamlessly integrated with the technical expertise and problem-solving skills of our product development teams.


The result is a set of integrated services that sees every project viewed through three interconnected lenses: end-user needs, commercial opportunities and technical feasibility. Bringing all this expertise to bear from the outset of a project ensures not only a quicker, more agile route to market but more effective and commercially valuable digital and physical products.

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Product & service development


R&D Strategy

Our R&D Strategy services see us analysing the fast-moving commercial and technological landscape to understand threats and opportunities that matter most to your business.

Our team collaborates closely with yours – drawing on a rich mix of sector insight, science and technology expertise – to develop action-orientated strategies that maximise the prospect of R&D success

Key services include:

  • Horizon scanning: analysing the landscape to understand opportunities and threats
  • Impact analysis: understand how opportunities and threats may impact your business, reviewing organisational structure, ecosystem benchmarking and capability assessment
  • Pathfinder: putting in place strategies to maximise the prospect of R&D success

We help you gain a clear understanding of the impacts that the changing commercial and technological landscape can have on your business. We also help you to develop action-orientated R&D strategies geared to your specific business models needs and priorities.

Deliverables include:



Horizon scanning

White Papers, briefings, dossiers

Technology and product roadmaps

Scenario plans

Innovation playbooks


Innovation Consultancy

Through our science-led innovation consultancy services, we consider and develop specific innovation opportunities that have the potential to deliver sustained market success to your business.

Our aim is always consistent, whether we are articulating value propositions, shaping business cases or looking for the best opportunities to utilise third party ‘open innovation’ solutions: informed thinking that enables you to make better decisions.  

Key services include:

  • Value propositions: defining compelling product and service propositions that integrate user, technology, and commercial ambitions
  • Business cases: validating your right to ‘play and win’, and developing the business case for investment
  • ‘External innovation’ appraisals: looking at opportunities to harness third party innovations – accelerating entry and managing risk

Our innovation consulting services help you to develop clearly defined innovation opportunities, underpinned by clear value propositions, sharp market appraisals and informed business cases – and a keen understanding of where third party ‘open innovation’ elements can add real value.

Deliverables include:

Market landscapes

Market opportunity assessments

New product concepts

Value propositions

Voice of customer

Consumer insights

User Centred Design (UCD)

User Experience (UX)

Industrial Design (ID)

Human Factors (HF)

Trends analysis

Competitive intelligence

Business case papers

Disruption strategies

Business model analysis

Ecosystem mapping

Value system analysis

Partnering strategies and acquisition diligence

Science deep dive

Our science deep dive activities focus on solving critical technical challenges that block the path to product or process innovation.

Our work spans three areas: detailed analysis of potential partner technologies; development of new-to-market solutions; and due diligence services. We balance the need for robust quality with a constant drive to improve your speed-to-market across each of these areas.

Key services include:

  • Technology evaluations: assessing a range of technologies from potential partners to meet specific needs
  • Due diligence: assessing, in depth, the availability, affordability, and applicability of a single technology
  • Solutions creation: conceiving and de-risking new-to-market products and processes that you can own, and which surpass alternatives

Our science and technology deep dive services provide robust recommendations for available, affordable and effective technologies that meet key technical challenges. We can help to identify new-to-market solutions that your business can own and protect – and we can increase speed to market through fast-tracked technical development.

Deliverables include:

Technology assessment

Science critique and validation

Technology scouting

Technology diligence

Science and technology landscapes

IP landscapes

Partner ID

Partner diligence

Product and service development

We create innovative new products and services that align your end-users’ needs with commercial opportunity and technical feasibility.  

Our reputation in this area is founded on decades of physical product development and innovation strategy. Increasingly, we also create digitally-enabled services connected to an IoT ecosystem, or physical/digital hybrids.

In every case, the goal is to deliver breakthrough products and services to your business as quickly and effectively as possible.

Key services include:

  • Full product development: from concept generation to verification & validation
  • Physical/digital hybrids: new classes of offering for your customers that bridge physical, digital and connected elements
  • Cost Challenge: product re-design to achieve significant reductions in either BoM or cost of ownership
  • Small batch production: on-site manufacture capability
  • Service creation and managed services: system architecture, implementation, and lifecycle management based on our Nuvola Service Platform or your existing infrastructure.

Our approach delivers breakthrough products and services that meet your aims and your users’ needs. Our rapid product development processes deliver quicker returns on investment.

Deliverables include:

Full product development

Prototypes and demonstrators

Cost reduction

Connected and smart products

Systems and service development

Transfer to manufacture

Small-batch production

Frequently asked questions

Science Group, of which Sagentia Innovation is a part, has offices in Asia (Hong Kong and Shenzhen), Europe (UK, France, Germany and Spain) and North America. Our two R&D centres are based in the UK (Cambridge and South London). Email us at [email protected]

English is our main language as a business but our colleagues speak more than 20 languages fluently and frequently with first-language speakers.

Sagentia Innovation was formed (as Scientific Generics and Oakland Innovation) over 30 years ago. The company is now part of Science Group plc which is London-listed (AIM:SAG) and includes brands such Leatherhead Food Research, which celebrated its centenary in 2019.

We work with major names in the medical, industrial, food & beverage, consumer and energy markets and with smaller start-up organisations, although much of the work we undertake with clients is of a confidential nature. Clients we are permitted to identify can be found on the Our Clients page. Case studies of projects we have undertaken with some of them can be found on the Case Studies page.

Email us at [email protected] to introduce yourself and we’ll set up a meeting – these days most likely on Zoom or equivalent. We are experienced at working with you to find the best way to engage and to help you define a good brief, challenging you respectfully.

Product and services development can be extremely costly and time consuming. Eileen Buttimer, Senior Vice President, shares how Sagentia Innovation can help reduce risk in our clients decision making.

Within a global economy team diversification is key when it comes to understanding different markets. Eileen Buttimer, Senior Vice President, explains why.

Technology for today and tomorrow

Technology for today and tomorrow

We provide both breadth and depth in technology and scientific expertise to our clients and their projects. By pulling together the best experts we’re best placed to drive cross-sector learning.



From physical, chemistry, and life sciences, to digital skills, and from electrical and mechanical engineering, to sensory science, we can drive more efficient project understanding, innovation, and development.


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We have completed over 10,000 projects for start-ups and global market leaders alike, from understanding the market & technology landscape through to developing and delivering complex products.

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Our consultants, scientists and engineers redefine what’s possible and help R&D groups across the medical, industrial, consumer and food and beverage sectors achieve commercial return from their opportunities.

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