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Brandon Medical: Breakthrough high definition LED medical lighting

A new range of high definition LED medical lighting, developed by Sagentia for Brandon Medical, is now the most advanced product line of its type available in the market today.


Sagentia had been investigating the use of high brightness LEDs for a number of technically challenging applications. We realized the potential for the technology in medical applications and approached an existing client, Brandon Medical, with a view to introducing solid-state LED lighting into their product range. The medical sector was skeptical that LED could deliver the performance required, but we realized - through our understanding of the technology and by thinking innovatively about how it could be used - that it had the potential to form the basis for new products that could radically change the market landscape.

Current medical lighting products typically use tungsten halogen bulbs to create the very bright, high-quality white light required. However, these lights use complex filters to remove the high heat levels generated by the source; they are also energy inefficient, expensive to maintain, and the light itself cannot be controlled.

It was generally thought that LEDs, which are typically used in less demanding applications such as signage and low-level lighting, would be unable to deliver the high intensity and color performance demanded for medical applications at an acceptable cost.

Rejecting these arguments, we took the latest developments in LED technology and applied some highly innovative and creative new developments. As a result, we created a range of medical lighting products, fully compliant with all standards and regulations, that deliver superior performance in every aspect when compared to existing systems.

The lamps we developed are designed for use in major and minor surgical applications, in addition to general medical examination. The solid-state technology means that the lights generate no hear, produce only visible light, and require very little maintenance, as there are no bulbs to replace and the sealed units are easy to clean. The lights are extremely efficient, using up to 60 per cent less energy than current lighting products.

Light quality is also excellent. The resulting beam profile gives more light across the full width of the illuminated area, and the color of the light produced is also fully adjustable. This represents a major advance in lighting control and allows medical staff to change balance, focus and color - enhancing the red contrast, for example, results in an enhanced view of body tissue, greatly improving surgical observation.

Through this project, Brandon Medical and Sagentia have created a product range which is superior to anything offered by the competition; transforming the medical lighting market and setting the standard for the future. The new range was successfully launched at Medica 2007.