Could a novel packaging technology developed for a specific application be commercialised more widely?


Our client asked:

Our client made a significant investment in creating a concept for a more flexible and
sustainable packaging format, for which they had created and protected intellectual

They had originally viewed this as a solution to a particular challenge associated
with one of their existing product lines, but the client team’s passion for the idea
prompted the client business’ leadership to question whether the technology could be
commercialised more widely and, if so, how that might be achieved.

The project story:

We distilled a set of key attributes that differentiated the packaging solution
from others on the market, which could also form the basis of a compelling value
proposition. We also analysed adjacent market spaces to develop a shortlist of
product categories that would see value in the attributes the packaging offered.

We developed an outline pitch for the technology – without revealing who the client
was or the key technology behind the solution – and identified a select list of key
players who might be lead adopters of the technology.

We tested the proposition with these businesses to gauge their level of interest;
establish what they regarded as the key requirements for success; and their
willingness to engage. We also tested the ideas with other key players in the value
system, to see if there were any significant barriers to adoption.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

We made recommendations, based on our findings, regarding sectors to exploit the
technology in and the associated business model to best do so.
The client took our recommendations onboard and exploited the technology
successfully in the market with several key partners.

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