Development of rapid, microbial detection system | Sagentia Innovation

Development of commercial-scale, rapid, microbial detection system for PathoGenetix, Inc.

PathoGenetix selected Sagentia as their product development partner to take their current laboratory prototype and their proprietary GSS technology and help turn it into a technically successful platform.


“Sagentia has been a great product development partner. Working with them has allowed us to get to market faster with concept to delivery of the new RESOLUTION™ System in 18 months”


Ann Merrifield, CEO, PathoGenetix

Our approach

Sagentia worked across the product development lifecycle:

  • Concept validation and VoC analysis across worldwide sites to help the client determine and define their go-to-market strategy
  • Development of the architecture
  • Delivery of all electro-mechanical and electro-optical aspects that enable the GSS technology to be taken to market
  • Delivery of alpha prototypes

Client benefits

  • We combined two initial bread board systems into an intuitive and usable system with a smaller footprint, as well as a lower per-unit cost base
  • The system has the potential to identify the specific pathogen causing a foodborne illness outbreak – a critical step in defining the extent of the outbreak, determining the food involved, finding the source of the contamination and defining the scope of a product recall
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