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Flex Robotic System


Surgical robotics and advanced visualisation

The Flex® Robotic System gives physicians the ability to access
anatomical locations that were previously difficult or impossible to reach
minimally invasively. And because it is affordable and efficient, the Flex®
Robotic System allows hospitals to expand the patient population that
they serve and improve the productivity of their facilities. The Robotic
System is intended to provide robot-assisted control of the Flex®
Colorectal Drive during visualisation of and surgical site access to the
anus, rectum and distal colon.

Our client asked:

Sagentia Innovation to work with Medrobotics to introduce improvements
to the Flex® Robotic System following its initial launch. Sagentia Innovation
were also asked to undertake subsequent projects to further develop the vision

The project story:

As part of the second-generation Flex® Robotic System program Sagentia
Innovation facilitated a cost reduction workshop. We then undertook a rapid 5
month design and development of the durable and consumable modules within
revised system architecture and handed off to Medrobotics at Design Freeze.
Further projects focused on advanced visualisation including stereoscopic
imaging, image processing and enhanced illumination.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

• The second-generation Flex® Robotic System launched in 2016 with
significantly reduced cost of goods of single use disposable
• The system received a Gold Award and Best in Class at the 2016 Medical
Design Excellence awards
• The client also has a prototype stereoscopic vision system with chip-on-tip
camera for demonstration to surgeons at clinical conferences

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