FoodDrinkEurope: Reformulation and innovation guide

Our client asked:

FoodDrinkEurope asked Sagentia Innovation to leverage its expertise and track record in product development to produce a guide that outlines key practical tools for small and medium enterprises (SME) of food and beverage manufacturers to facilitate product innovation and reformulation for a wide range of products.

The project story:

Using a combination of our understanding of the processes that require consideration when reformulating or developing a new product and the needs of FoodDrinkEurope’s membership, we produced a guidance document that outlines:

  • Drivers and motivation for product innovation and reformulation
  • Factors that govern ingredient selection, such as functionality and compatibility, ingredient supply chain, and sustainability
  • Production process considerations, such as production methods, sustainability metrics and quality control
  • Regulatory considerations, product safety and shelf-life considerations
  • Key steps in the formulation development and testing processes, including sensory and consumer testing
  • Highlight aspects of products using real-world examples undertaken by SMEs in the food and beverage space

Results: deliverables and outcomes

Sagentia Innovation produced a comprehensive, 12-page guide outlining the aspects of product innovation and reformulation that may need to be considered when undertaking reformulation work for the 70+ food and beverage industry members across EU.

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