Global assessment of technologies and providers that enable low carbon concrete

Our client asked:

Our client, a multinational industrial conglomerate, asked us to explore current and emerging technology players in the low-carbon concrete space. Their goal was to identify the most promising technology company(s) to collaborate with, and/or make a strategic investment in.

The project story:

  • Sagentia Innovation investigated the drivers and technology trends for reducing or eliminating the carbon intensity of the concrete industry.
  • We identified ~30 technology players and evaluated them against criteria agreed with the client at the project inception, including technology readiness level (TRL), carbon reduction potential, receptivity to partnerships, and compatibility with diluted or pure CO2 streams.
  • We identified at which stage of the concrete manufacturing process (e.g., calcination step, mixing, etc.) each technology would be implemented and what would be the impact on the emissions of each stage.
  • Through targeted primary research on shortlisted technologies, we investigated more deeply their capabilities in order to ensure that they match our client’s specific requirements (see criteria above).

Results: deliverables and outcomes

The final report provided a detailed analysis of the low carbon concrete landscape, identified the technology players, how their technology enabled a lower carbon intensity, and the potential impact that company had on the total carbon emissions from the global concrete industry.

We produced a matrix outlining all the capabilities of the shortlisted technologies, ranked against the agreed scoring scheme.

From the various technologies identified during the research, we recommended six our client should pursue further and facilitate initial introductions.

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