Grain metering device for combine harvester

Novel agri-tech solution for providing harvest yield data in real-time.

Tractor spraying the green agricultural field


Our client approached us for a device that could be added to their combine harvester range and provide yield data in real-time during harvest


  • Grain is difficult to measure in real-time due to the non-uniform density of solids
  • We assessed different methods of measuring mass flow rate taking into account the dusty and unpredictable, mobile environment
  • Mathematical and analytical modelling helped to validate the concept
  • A vibrating plate system delivers the force required at a flow rate of one kilo per second


  • The client is now able to provide their customers with real-time yield data
  • Their customers will be able to tailor chemical and crop care programmes on an area by area basis
  • Customers receive a geo display depicting yield levels for precision dosing and irrigation

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