Grohtherm Wireless mixer shower

Development of a remote mixer shower
to compete in a niche but growing market

Our client asked:

Grohe is the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, and it
wanted a product that would allow them to compete in a niche but
growing market sector. This was the remote mixer shower.

The project story:

Previously, remote mixer showers used wires to connect the interface and processor, but Grohe perceived wireless technology as a
means of achieving vital market differentiation. To do this, however, it
needed expertise in low cost, low power electronics design to create
a wireless solution.
Grohe also wanted the new product delivered – from specification to
full market launch, shelves fully stocked – in 15 months.
The result, the Grotherm Wireless, met all product specifications
and has set a new technology standard for remote mixer showers.
Created primarily for the UK, the design is available in pumped
and high-pressure versions, fully compliant with US and European
standards, enabling fast roll out to new markets in the future.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

These showers allow the bulky processing unit, which
thermostatically controls the hot and cold water, to be placed
anywhere on the inflow pipes (such as under the bath or outside
the bathroom). The ‘human interface’, controlling flow and
temperature, remains at the shower unit.
This results in a shower which is considerably easier to fit, as the
entire unit can be installed after tiling, and is also simple to retrofit.

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