Identifying bioplastic packaging technologies to suit your product


Identifying bioplastic packaging technologies to suit your product

Our client had a deep technical knowledge of existing bioplastics but wanted to know more about new and emerging technologies being developed which they may not have been aware of.

The project story:

We reviewed the different types of bioplastics as this is a broad
terminology that can be considered in different ways depending
on the type of source and end of life strategy. We focussed on rigid
and flexible third-generation bioplastics, including those from nonfood
sources such as forestry products, algae, crop residues and
agricultural by-products, that could meet the needs of the client.

A targeted search on key competitors of the client was undertaken
in parallel, to better understand their strategy for bioplastics. New
and emerging bioplastic technologies were prioritised according
to our client’s key criteria and more in-depth exploration was also
undertaken, with key technology developers identified.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

We provided the client with an up-to-date view on third-generation
bioplastic technologies and competitor activity, as well as providing
an overview of the key drivers and constraints impacting the
development of these technologies.

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