Identifying opportunities to valorise CO2 waste streams

Our client asked:

How can we create new value from existing CO2 waste streams while considering specific technical and commercial constraints?

The project story:

  • Sagentia Innovation analysed each processing facility to understand CO2 profiles, processing equipment and workflow, commercials etc. This served as a baseline for undertaking the waste stream valorisation work.
  • Separation, capture and utilisation technologies were assessed and aligned to each target facility to identify the most applicable CO2 technologies for value creation.
  • Recommendation of the most suitable technologies considering the client's technical and commercial requirements.
  • Where applicable, the impact on tax credits and penalties were assessed along with the overall commercial viability of the shortlisted valorisation opportunities.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

Our client was provided with a report which provided a clear route to market for CO2 valorisation. The report also outlined any risks and development hurdles which needed to be overcome for successful inception.

The client was also given a watchlist of low TRL technologies and projects.

Sagentia Innovation’s recommendations are helping the client to make informed strategic decisions as they progress with their journey towards sustainable bio-processing.

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