Packaging innovation roadmap for pet food

Our client asked:

Our client’s vision is to become a global leader in pet health through innovative experiences and sustainable packaging solutions. To help achieve this vision, there is renewed internal energy for packaging innovation. However, they need help with understanding genuine consumer experiences and pain points with pet food packaging, how to differentiate from competitors and turn concepts into actionable next steps.

The project story:

  • Sagentia Innovation conducted qualitative and quantitative surveys in a few international target markets prioritised by the client. From this analysis, 4 consumer areas of focus were shortlisted based on the size of the opportunity
  • Sagentia Innovation delivered an ideation workshop to generate novel, exciting packaging concepts with a cross-functional team focused on addressing the four areas of focus. 20+ ideas were generated and we prioritised the ones based on the ability to address the priority consumer pain points.
  • We plotted prioritised ideas against a timeline to build a five-year Packaging Strategy Roadmap. We provided recommendations on actionable next steps for our client, plus further sustainability considerations.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

A five-year Packaging Roadmap of packaging ideas rooted in genuine consumer pain points that will drive superior user experience and enable omni-expansion. 

Sagentia Innovation also provided a summary report of findings and recommendations, supported by the quantitative and qualitative consumer survey analysis.

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