Paraytec: Cartridge development

Our client asked

Paraytec has developed a rapid and highly sensitive COVID-19 test using its ParaySelect technology and expertise in particle detection. This technology is also being applied to bacteria classification in Sepsis management. Paraytec asked Sagentia Innovation to develop a consumable cartridge suitable for use at Point of Care enabling a ‘sample-in results out’ workflow.

The project story

The optical reader technology was mature, and the assay steps could be run at the laboratory bench by skilled laboratory staff. Paraytec needed a cartridge to integrate the assay into a low-cost cartridge that could be used in a decentralised setting.

We worked with the assay team to optimise the assay workflow to enable a cartridge with a small number of components and simple instrument interfaces. This enables a low-cost per test capable of detecting individual cells and viral particles.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

Our team developed:

  • A low-cost cartridge design including separate dry and liquid reagents for storage stability
  • Prototypes which were supplied to Paraytec for performance testing
  • Concepts for optical and fluidic integration in the instrument

“We chose Sagentia Innovation due to their specialist knowledge of the diagnostics market and associated technologies. They worked alongside Paraytec to develop a low-cost cartridge design, prototypes and concepts for optical and fluidic integration in the instrument.”
Viv Hallam, Executive Director


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