The drive for personalisation and the need for a tailored experience: Nu Skin LumiSpa case study

New science enabled an exciting innovation for Nu Skin. But to deliver a market-ready product, they needed a range of expertise and cross-collaboration from Sagentia Innovation.

Expertise and domain knowledge

• Product design

• Applied science

• Mechanical engineering

• Data analytics

• Sensors

• Consumer testing

• Consumer

Our client asked:

Nu Skin had a vision to develop a smart device—a game-changer—in the
personal care landscape. In order to achieve this, the device they developed
needed to be underpinned by compelling technology, quality engineering,
robust science, and engaging design.

The project story:

Nu Skin’s laboratories had been testing different manipulations of skin in
order to produce tangible cosmetic benefits. With positive lab results in
place, they engaged with Sagentia Innovation to characterise this discovery,
translate the findings into reality, and develop an elegant, spa-like device to
the consumer. It was important to create a device which would fit seamlessly
into their customers’ routine, and offer an enhanced cleansing experience
unachievable with formulation alone.

Our applied science experts created synthetic skin which could be used for
the testing and verification of prototype designs, while our engineers designed
experiments and used high-speed cameras to look at how the skin was

With its medical-grade silicone surface, the treatment head moves at a
precise frequency to promote dynamic skin renewal for smoother, softer
feeling skin after just one use and its embedded silver antimicrobial prevents
bacteria build up.

Our mechanical engineers and designers worked together—testing and
challenging each other—to create a device that not only looks beautiful, that
customers want and find easy to use.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

The LumiSpa incorporates smart features which adjust to user behaviour
and ensure they get the most from the product. Proprietary algorithms, which
learn user behaviour, were written into LumiSpa. The result is a product which
adapts to the user, giving them maximum benefit with a personalized touch.
Built-in smart features and embedded sensors alert the user when they need
to move the device to another part of the face. And for safety, the device will
stop if the user applies excessive pressure against the skin or moves too

Nu Skin were—and continue to be—impressed with the level and depth
of science behind product development. Science drives the testing we do
and informs the development process ensuring intelligent evaluation of
results. This increased the efficiency of the tests conducted throughout the
process meaning progress was quick and reliable. Nu Skin could therefore
be confident in the conclusions gathered and the recommended next steps.
The LumiSpa is successfully launched to market and has won the NewBeauty
Award for Best Cleansing Device for 2020 and 2021.

“Working with Sagentia Innovation means we
can make significant strides forward with the
development of our cosmetics devices. The teams at
Sagentia Innovation have a passion for what they do
and a scientific insight that has ensured we continue
to be a game changer in our sector.”
Director, Nu Skin

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