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The drive for personalisation and the need for a tailored experience: Nu Skin LumiSpa case study

“Working with Sagentia means we can make significant strides forward with the development of our cosmetics devices. The collaborative approach they have—as well as with their customers—means any progress is more robust and more reliable. The teams at Sagentia have a passion for what they do and a scientific insight that has ensured we continue to be a game changer in our sector.” Director, Nu Skin

Across sectors—and in this interconnected world—the consumer is looking to organisations, businesses and people to meet their demands.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is certainly no different and we’re seeing this translated into consumers looking for products and services that are personal to them and specific to their needs.

And as the need for a ‘tailored experience’ increases—diagnostics and customised formulations will take centre-stage.

Nu Skin wanted to develop a smart device—a game-changer—in the personal care landscape. It knew that in order to achieve this, whatever they developed needed to be underpinned by compelling technology, quality engineering, robust science and engaging design.

Working with Sagentia allows Nu Skin to create products that grounded by core scientific understanding and deliver repeatable and consistent results. This has been key for them in their product design and development as it meets the need for a user-centric and personalised experience that the customer loves.

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