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Unilever DADI: Innovative personal care diagnostic device

Dove Advanced Diagnostic Instrument (DADI)

Unilever’s Hair Care business wanted to develop a diagnostic device to support brand activation, engage consumers and encourage them to trial Dove products. Diagnostics are increasingly proven to drive consumer buy-in and for Dove, whose brand essence is built on efficacy, empirical evidence around the efficacy of products to improve hair damage carries a strong and relevant message.


Sagentia was asked to develop a high-tech diagnostic device for Dove’s Dry/Damaged product line for use in TV commercials and point of sale promotions. The aim of the diagnostic tool was to engage and communicate with consumers around their current level of hair damage and to recommend and prove the efficacy of specific Dove hair care products. The device needed to be accurate, true to the Dove brand in its design and simple to use. 

By understanding our client’s R&D capability and their brand needs, we defined a solution that is highly engaging and delivers value using Unilever’s core scientific knowledge around hair health. The device we developed uses hair-on-hair friction as a measure of hair surface damage. In use, a stylist or hostess operating at an in-store promotion runs a strand of the consumer’s hair through the device. The device gives an instant reading on the level of dryness/damage and the hostess uses the damage score as a cue to advise on a specific care and product regime.

The device connects to the internet and uploads the consumer’s damage scores along with various metadata (hair color, user profile). We enabled this service element to the device by writing software that communicates with a mobile phone and uploads the data to a website. We worked with Unilever from concept through to full production, taking responsibility for all aspects from industrial design, product development & global testing through to transfer to, and management of, the contract manufacturer.

Unilever’s Dove brand now has an engaging tool for brand launches, which enables the creation and maintenance of a personal consumer relationship – while collecting use data for R&D to build the next range of products.

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