Wearable drug delivery

Sagentia has undertaken multiple projects in recent years to develop devices to our clients' specific requirements, using novel designs and technology.



  • Generation of concepts and development of proof of principle demonstrators for very high volume subcutaneous delivery
  • Design and development of works-like prototypes for rapid subcutaneous delivery of a high viscosity drug formulation using a novel propulsion mechanism
  • Development of very high efficiency, bespoke pump for wearable device and design transfer to CMO
  • Full product development of electromechanical, microfluidic patch pump for transdermal delivery


  • Creation of intellectual property assigned to our clients and transfer of design data to our clients
  • Detailed understanding of the landscape of existing devices, with suitability for specific therapeutic formulations
  • Incorporation of connectivity solutions to clients specific needs
  • Control over device strategy, independent from 3rd party device providers

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