What is the current status of anti-corrosion coatings in the oil and gas market?


We provided a market analysis of exterior
coatings in the Oil & Gas (O&G) offshore
and coastal sector for a chemical company
wishing to enter a new market.

Our client asked:

Our chemical company client hoped to enter the O&G market through the
provision of their established fluoropolymer coating to the shipping and
construction industry.

Our client sought our help in gaining in-depth understanding of the O&G
market, as well as confirming the applicability of its product.

The project story:

We employed a combination of in-house data and knowledge, detailed
desk-based research, a robust market model and an interview campaign
with industry practitioners, to capture latest and emerging trends.

The information and insights we gathered were then synthesised and
analysed to confirm the applicability of our client’s product in the O&G

Results: deliverables and outcomes

We provided our client with a clear insight on the status of anti-corrosion
coatings in the O&G market, and confirmed the opportunities for
fluoropolymers in this space.

We were also able to provide our client with details of the market’s size,
key business drivers, stakeholder needs, and processes for coatings

Our recommendations fed into the go-to-market strategy of our client.

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