Which emerging science and technology fields have the potential to disrupt our business?


The project aimed to identify the various fields
of science and technology that would likely
become essential capabilities for our client’s
research and development organisation in the

Our client asked:

Our client was trying find out which of the many emergent fields of science and
technology (ST) had the potential to transform or disrupt their R&D space.

Their intention was to identify those of greatest significance so that they could
decide if and how they should build, access, or acquire these capabilities.

The project story:

We immersed ourselves in the consumer and market trends impacting the
client over the coming five years and beyond, while considering the likely
impact of investment by Venture Capital outfits and governments on the pace
and direction of development for certain technologies.

We also looked for early evidence of the application, or at least implied use, of
ST in products and processes relevant to the client, while looking for indicators
that competitors were starting to invest in these ST areas.

We then developed a shortlist of high impact, and high likelihood, technologies
before drafting a summary dossier to describe each, as well as identifying key
players and potential partners that could be leveraged to help the client access
or acquire prioritised capabilities.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

The project fed into a long-term R&D planning process, which formed the basis
of the R&D strategy and associated capability development plan.

This was followed-up by further work that drilled down into specific areas of
opportunity, to help expedite the development of chosen capability areas.

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