Medical Technology Ireland

Date: 21-22 September 2022

Location: Galway, Ireland

Attendees: Duncan Smith, Eileen Buttimer and Abbie Meliniotis

If you would like to pre-arrange a meeting with Duncan, Eileen or Abbie, please contact us

Eileen Buttimer, Senior Vice President and Duncan Smith, Managing Partner - Medical will be attending Medical Technology Ireland in Galway.

Duncan Smith will be speaking about “Sustainable Medical Technology Innovation – what we can learn from other market sectors” at 1.15pm on Thursday September 22. Sustainability is increasingly impacting both corporate strategy and R&D practice for medical technology companies. There is a pressing need for change as healthcare’s climate footprint is equivalent to >4% of net global emissions. In this talk, we will review what industry leading companies are already doing, what best practice we can build on from other market sectors, and how we can use circular economy principles across the care pathway to develop safer, more sustainable medical products and technology.

Medical Technology Ireland showcases innovative medical technology products and solutions for the Irish medical device design and manufacturing industry. To find out more about the event, visit the Medical Technology Ireland website

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