Harnessing powerful data and AI for the FMCG and agricultural sectors

The FMCG and agriculture sectors must contend with a myriad of supply chain risks, most of which are macro-environmental factors beyond a business’s control. Monitoring thousands of commodities and factors that may cause disruption simultaneously is essential. Sagentia Innovation works with clients to support them in monitoring their supply chain and can create bespoke solutions to keep businesses in control of their production.

Monitoring supply chains is a critical and demanding activity. Understanding global risks is key to enabling the identification of potential issues at the earliest possible stage so solutions can be sought to maintain levels of supply that meet demand. Our experts at Sagentia Innovation have developed Perceive – an intuitive commodities dashboard that pulls in big data from around the world and couples it with artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses calculate risks and make better predictions that could steer their strategic options.

Watch the 2-minute video to see how the underlying data engine harnesses the power of advanced forecasting algorithms to provide predictions of future crop yields, capturing seasonality as well as broader trends or even how natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires might affect specific regions in real-time.

Creating a dashboard like Perceive enables big data to be consolidated into one place in a way that is digestible but, more importantly, actionable. Having this kind of powerful insight for your business will allow you to pivot fast and at scale should serious challenges arise.

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