Six medical device development pitfalls - and how to avoid them

16 September, 2019

Advancements in digital, data and biomedical technologies offer exciting potential for medical device innovation. Yet just because a new idea works from a scientific or clinical perspective, it doesn’t necessarily mean product development and market uptake will follow.


Transitioning a device from laboratory concept to physical product is not a straightforward linear process. It’s complex and dynamic, influenced by various social and technical factors. These can be related to the technology itself, the environment and user interaction and perception.

It’s no secret that unexpected challenges can derail the process when manufacturers fail to take a holistic view of the product development cycle from the outset. Yet it happens time and time again. Seemingly small issues can escalate, resulting in lack of approval, delayed release, poor levels of uptake or even risk to life and FDA recall. Recent reports suggest there has been a spike in such recalls during 2019.

To find out about the 6 most common pitfalls, and steps that can be taken to avoid them read the full insight on Med-Tech News.