Addressing the Point of Care sample preparation challenge

19 May, 2020

Diagnostic product development advice from Sagentia’s Nick Collier and Carl Hewett

Continued innovation in Point of care (PoC) diagnostics offers many benefits, from faster patient turnaround times for improved clinical outcomes and streamlining healthcare for cost efficiency, to better “patient as customer”
experiences. The COVID-19 pandemic is making the world look afresh at diagnostic assay methods where PoC testing could play a key role in providing accessible testing in workplaces and care homes to better measure and manage the spread of the virus.

Sample preparation can be a limiting factor in developing PoC diagnostic tests, especially when dealing with blood samples. This vital part of the process can introduce margin for error, expense and complication. Here, Sagentia’s Chief Technology Officer and Medical Design & Innovation Specialist explain why sample preparation is an important step of the diagnostic process.


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