R&D team spotlight: Monica Ganan is channelling early innovation for commercial success

Monica Ganan now heads up our advisory services for the medical and consumer industries. She brings almost 20 years’ experience leading innovation projects, coupled with an academic background in life sciences, and a PhD focused on the use of bioactive compounds for health applications. Her deep insights and commercial acumen add great value to client engagements and help to give clients the answers they need to inform their innovation direction.

Integrating science, technology, and business

At Sagentia Innovation, Monica leads a team delivering large, strategic initiatives for the effective commercialisation of clients’ ideas. This involves analysing markets and competitive landscapes as well as technologies to enhance innovation outcomes, create competitive advantage and accelerate progress. In Monica’s experience, innovation leaders at medical and consumer product companies usually have a good understanding of the trends and developments that impact their markets. However, it’s not always easy to apply that knowledge to R&D strategies in a meaningful way. This is where her team steps in.

“Our strength lies in our ability to integrate scientific, technical and business insights to give clients a strategic advantage. Early innovation projects often involve a brilliant central idea but may lack a well-defined roadmap. We ensure critical information is accounted for then translate good concepts into sound propositions that deliver on commercial goals.”

Monica says she thrives on ‘making it real’ to fast-track innovation. Previous roles have seen her successfully navigate the interface of breakthrough ideas and commercialisation in the medical, consumer health, food and beverage, and FMCG sectors. She’s held new product development, technology transfer, science commercialisation and IP management roles for science and technology-based businesses. With experience working for the NHS and creating academia-industry partnerships, she also understands the nuances of working with different organisation types.  

A balanced perspective

As a global R&D consultancy, we employ a diverse multinational team and support clients at an international level. Monica adds further weight to our capabilities here with first-hand experience operating from Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. This gives her a balanced perspective which is evident in her leadership style and advisory methods.

“We know where to look and who to approach for insights that enable clients to make better strategic decisions. It’s about building a clear picture of what the market looks like, and what that means for our clients. We consider matters and nuances of specific categories and international markets that might help or hinder innovation. For instance, the sustainability agenda is an important factor globally, but there’s great variation in the expectations, challenges and opportunities related to this.”

While Monica has strong commercial sensibilities, she remains passionate about the development of products and services that have the potential to improve people’s lives.

“I enjoy finding practical ways to bring novel ideas to life. This is even more rewarding when they offer tangible health benefits. The breadth of Sagentia Innovation’s remit and the markets we serve gives me the opportunity to work on everything from high-value nutrition to novel therapies. It’s thrilling to be part of such a dynamic and progressive team collaborating with organisations at the forefront of the medical and consumer sectors.”

Contact us to talk to Monica about how she can support strategic initiatives for the effective commercialisation of your ideas: [email protected]

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