Data Strategies for Connected Health

02 December, 2021

The race is on to develop healthcare solutions which harness the enormous capabilities of sensor and communication technologies as well as AI, machine learning and cloud computing. But complex data related challenges can be a barrier to progress. So, what are those challenges and how might they be overcome? Pradipto Biswas and Matthew Sarkar consider the options.

Effective adoption of Connected Health technologies within a wider digital healthcare ecosystem could improve health outcomes for rich and poor communities alike, all over the world. It offers ways to revolutionise the delivery of advanced healthcare services and make strides towards the vision of targeted healthcare for all. Today’s healthcare professionals have access to richer datasets than ever before, from electronic health record (EHR) information to physiological data collected via mobile and home-based medical devices. Connected Health presents new opportunities to leverage this data for personalised treatment. It draws on information and communication technologies to revolutionise delivery of advanced healthcare services and enable proactive prediction and diagnosis, aiding disease prevention, condition management and the delivery of therapeutic effects. Download the paper for the sections on:

  • Tech trends enabling Connected Health
  • Five principles for success
  • Optimising the data architecture
  • The rise of connected health

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