From barn to bioreactor: the new frontier in food

19 August, 2021

A growing global population, concerns about the effect of meat production on the environment and disquiet among consumers about animal welfare in commercial farming are the key drivers for the development of cultivated meat technology.

The rapid growth of the plant protein sector has paved the way in consumers’ minds for new non-meat products. However, consumer attitudes towards cultivated meat are complex and ignorance of methods of production and its content is widespread.

The sector is dynamic and is attracting growing financial support from both VC and large food producers - however it’s fragmented and uncoordinated in the sense that much of the research and development sits within start-ups. Set against an uncertain regulatory context, this fragmentation runs the risk of hampering its development and scale.

Overcoming significant technical and regulatory hurdles will require partnership and collaboration between the various players in the market.

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