Webinar: Future of molecular diagnostics: in home testing and liquid biopsy

15 October, 2021

Molecular diagnostics has seen significant developments in two different directions over the last 12 months:

  1. Liquid biopsy tests continue to proliferate with more and more in the development phase and we are now seeing new product launches
  2. Demand for at home molecular testing has increased significantly driven by the COVID pandemic

In this talk we consider both of these developments which are at apparently opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of complexity and the price users are prepared to pay. We'll review recent developments, challenges that remain to be addressed and how to develop new products for both of these spaces. In each case cost per test, ease of use and clear actionable information is crucial.

  • For gene panels we describe:
  • How to identify the actionable panels and size and cost trade-offs
  • The testing methods available
  • How to generate clear actionable reports from bioinformatics data
  • The regulatory path

For at home testing we:

  • Review the launched products and the significant cost per test hurdles they still present
  • The demand for panel testing outside the clinic
  • Emerging technologies to avoid the device vs user complexity trade-off that most products have made
  • How regulatory approach may differ for an at home test.
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