New Food Magazine’s Food Tech Trends Report 2022 features insight from Sagentia Innovation

Sagentia Innovation’s F&B/Consumer Managing Partner, Phil Mackie, features in New Food Magazine’s Food Tech Trends Report 2022. In the report, Phil gives a little of his insight into industry trends.

“Earlier this year, we outlined three key trends for 2022 that could disrupt our food system. We highlighted these in the context of challenges around the fragility of extended supply chains, changing consumer habits, and a longer-term need to offer more sustainable products and those that offer a definable benefit to consumers in terms of health and wellbeing.

Those three trends can be summarised as:

- An evolution of the alternative protein market, which is fuelling demand for regulatory change and a new wave of ingredients (eg, fats, emulsifiers, preservatives) which may be derived from fermentation processes.

- Supply chain resilience. Pressures on global supply chains, coupled with demand from consumers for transparency, are driving investments in technology that delivers traceability as well as agritech (eg, precision agriculture, gene editing) with the aim of shortening supply chains.

- While some changes from the pandemic – such as the rise of at-home dining – will experience retrenchment, certain behavioural shifts are expected to remain. As such, leveraging digital technologies to  deliver experiences that were once found elsewhere (eg, recreating the bar experience with draught quality at-home beverage dispensing) can be expected….”

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Thanks to New Food Magazine for permission to reproduce.

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