Opportunities for sustainable innovation in diagnostics

Authors: Nick Collier, Chief Technology Officer and Duncan Smith, Managing Partner, Medical

The environmental sustainability of healthcare systems is under scrutiny, and medtech products developed with this in mind will likely be viewed favourably by healthcare buyers. There is also much to be gained from joined-up environmental sustainability efforts between companies in healthcare supply chains. We believe diagnostic testing is ripe for innovation in this vein. Here, we consider how companies can get a head start, evolving existing R&D processes to deliver commercially viable outcomes.

In this whitepaper, we focus on the diagnostic tests which inform 70-80% of healthcare decisions and account for a significant portion of the sector’s waste and carbon footprint. We show how integrating sustainability considerations with existing R&D approaches can have a positive impact on environmental and commercial performance. Companies which work proactively to establish sustainable products and partnerships could enjoy early mover advantages and competitive differentiation.

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