The pursuit of wellness: striking the balance between perception and proof

11 June, 2019

The trend for wellness is everywhere. On the market today there are devices that monitor hydration, online shopping lists that update depending on your nutritional signs, skincare formulated to meet your daily needs, activity and climate. But what other metrics need to be considered to give a fuller picture of a healthier lifestyle?

Matt Herd, VP Consumer, Sagentia explored that, within these trends, the bit that is missing is the demonstrable efficacy: what are the tangible benefits, are they ‘real’ and to what extent, and how are they proven? Going one step further; if results are proven how should we expect the consumer to react to that? Is the result compelling enough to spark a true change in someone’s behaviour or even lifestyle?

At Sagentia we believe that an enduring and market leading product can only be delivered if positive consumer perceptions about its wellness benefits are grounded in clear and tangible scientific claims.