The future of robotic assisted surgery in orthopaedics

Presented by: Stuart Simpson, THINK Surgical, Rob Morgan, and Tim Frearson, Sagentia Innovation

No doubt, manufacturers of large surgical robotic systems have dominated the first era of robotic surgery. In orthopaedics such systems have been acquired by the dominant implant companies and have been used to obtain long term implant performance.

But the next era of surgical robotics—both in hard tissue and soft tissue robotics—could open a path for companies creating smaller surgical robotic tools that require less space than predecessor systems.

One such example of a next-generation—or this generation—robotic surgical tool is the TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System, developed by THINK Surgical, in collaboration with Sagentia Innovation.

In this article and webinar, in collaboration with DeviceTalks Tuesdays, the panel discuss:

  • The needs in joint replacement surgery that have led to the introduction of robotic surgery systems
  • How these needs have been addressed to date
  • How new systems such as the TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System provide improvement
  • How the landscape of surgical robotics in orthopaedics is set to change further in the future
  • Clinical goals such as surgical accuracy, OR workflow compatibility and implant choice, alongside technological innovations involving navigation, miniaturisation, and robotic autonomy
  • The commercial implications for the orthopaedic implant market as a result of the changing landscape of surgical robotics

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