Webinar: R&D Acceleration – How can we facilitate more effective research and bring new products to market, faster?

16 July, 2021

Corporate R&D systems can leave teams unable to react quickly enough to dominant trends. New technologies and alternative ways-of-working promise to upend the innovation cycle, facilitating products to be brought to market faster and more cost effectively.

Simon Norman, Head of Product Development – Food and Beverage, and Eduardo VonRistow, Advisory Partner – Medical, explore the challenges for new product development in the Food & Beverage and the Medical industries. They discuss similarities and differences in these industries’ experiences and explore cross sector practices, techniques and technologies that could support and accelerate R&D.  

Webinar takeaways:

  • The R&D process in food and beverage industry versus medical industry
  • Similarities and differences that could be leveraged or learned from
  • Shared challenges for both industries R&D process and how they might be overcome
  • Enabling technologies that both industries will see a massive impact from in the future
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