“Data is powering transformational changes”: Sagentia Innovation’s new hire Pradipto Biswas shares his thoughts on the role of Data Science

27 April, 2021

Business must adapt to radical changes – branded by some as a Fourth Industrial Revolution – that are being powered by data, says Sagentia Innovation’s newly appointed Data Science and Data Insights Lead.

‘Big Data’ is playing an increasingly vital role in enabling businesses to become more efficient, effective, and competitive in the marketplace and firms that fail to adapt risk being left behind, Pradipto Biswas cautions.

Pradipto joined Sagentia Innovation in January 2021, continuing an illustrious career spent working with internationally renowned financial and professional services firms – such as PwC, Lloyds Banking Group, Accenture and Deloitte – as well as a solid grounding in academia, including a fellowship at London Business School.

Pradipto is now applying his expertise in Data Science as well as what he’s learned in finance and mathematics to more tangible applications for Sagentia Innovation, in industries like oil and gas, as well as medical devices, food science, agriculture and elsewhere.

About the changes facing firms in the future, Pradipto said: “Data Science is an area of technology which has the potential to radically transform the way our clients operate. This transformation has already started, but what we have seen so far is just the beginning.

“Businesses will need to adapt and adopt Data Science techniques and technologies if they are to survive and thrive in this new world.”

Pradipto explores the benefits Data Science can bring to a project, as well as some of the trends that are shaping the growing appetite for, and understanding of, ‘Big Data’, in a Q&A released by Sagentia Innovation.


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Sagentia Innovation provides independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Working across the medical, industrial, chemicals and energy, food and beverage, and consumer sectors, Sagentia Innovation works with a broad range of companies from some of the world’s leading and best-known brands, to start-up disruptors, new to the market. It is part of Science Group (AIM:SAG), which has more than ten offices globally, two UK-based dedicated R&D innovation centres and more than 400 employees. Other Science Group companies include Leatherhead Food Research, TSG Consulting and Frontier Smart Technologies.


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Science Group plc (AIM:SAG) is a science-led advisory and product development organisation. The Group has three divisions:

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  • Regulatory & Compliance: helping clients in highly regulated markets to launch, market and defend products internationally, navigating the frequently complex and fragmented regulatory ecosystems.
  • Frontier Smart Technologies: designing and manufacturing chips and modules for the DAB/DAB+ radio markets with 80% market share (excluding the automotive market)

With more than 400 employees worldwide, primarily scientists and engineers and speaking more than 30 languages collectively, the Group has R&D centres in Cambridge and Epsom with more than ten additional offices in Europe, Asia and North America.


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