“Innovative skincare products targeting the microbiome must consider technical, commercial, and regulatory input,” says Sagentia Innovation

Next-generation skincare products and services that target the skin microbiome must look ‘beyond the product’, and have an inclusive understanding of technical, commercial, and regulatory factors.

This is the view of experts at Sagentia Innovation, a consultancy that works with leading personal care businesses and technology start-ups in the sector. 

They say access to microbiome-based diagnostics coupled with microbiome products and interventions could significantly improve the treatment of skin problems as well as general skincare. However, while there is much potential for innovation in this field, it is still unclear how specific fluctuations in microorganisms impact skin health. New skincare solutions must consider technical feasibility and commercial viability as well as relevant regulatory matters.

To help companies cut through the hype and make well-informed strategic decisions, Sagentia Innovation recently published a whitepaper focused on the microbiome. It summarises current evidence of links between the microbiome and common skin conditions, offering a pragmatic view on the potential for microbiome-based innovation. 

Dr Tatiana Sergeenko, Principal Technology and Innovation Consultant at Sagentia Innovation, authored the paper. She says personal care businesses need to draw on a wide range of expertise to turn new microbiome-based skincare ideas into marketable products.

“Earning consumer trust will be central to the success of innovative new products that target the skin microbiome,” she explains. “Whether the focus is general skin health and anti-ageing or the treatment of specific conditions such as acne, consumers need to see robust evidence of benefits. It won’t be easy to create new products which satisfy these complex needs while meeting regulatory and commercial requirements. However, companies take a holistic technical and strategic approach could earn a place at the forefront of the growing skin microbiome market.”

The whitepaper Microbiome: an emerging integral part of precision medicine and personalised lifestyle changes is available to download free of charge here.

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