Sagentia addresses Solutions for Sample Preparation at Point of Care at AACC 2019

06 August, 2019

CA, USA – August 6, 2019: Sagentia, the global product development and technology consultancy, today opens its booth at the 71st Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo (AACC) in support of its activity in Point of Care (PoC) diagnostic systems and consumables.

The booth will showcase some of the world class products that Sagentia has helped develop and the technologies that underpin them. Visitors to the booth will have a great opportunity to find out how Sagentia has helped clients develop PoC systems enabling multi-sample testing and others to revolutionize the development of their lab testing instrumentation by driving costs down and reducing timescales.

In addition, a must-attend event is a talk being delivered by Nick Collier, Sagentia Medical CTO, and Carl Hewett, Sagentia Senior Product Developer, entitled ‘Solutions for Sample Preparation at Point of Care (PoC)’ on Tuesday 6th August, at 18:00 in the Oceanside room, Hilton, Anaheim.

“As molecular diagnostics moves to Point of Care there is much focus on how lab-based processes are being adapted to the PoC setting,” comments Nick Collier, CTO, Sagentia. “In particular, one area that is often overlooked is sample preparation. After attending the session, attendees will have an appreciation of the PoC solutions on the market, the challenges that remain to be addressed and promising technologies to keep an eye on. We also hope it will be a nice opportunity to relax and enjoy some drinks and nibbles after a busy day at AACC.”

Visit booth 2471 in Anaheim Convention Center, 6-8 August 2019, to meet some of our medical team including Nick Collier, Sagentia CTO, and Carl Hewitt, Senior Product Development Specialist. Please email us: [email protected] to arrange a meeting. 



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About AACC

At the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, laboratory medicine experts will present the cutting-edge research and technology that is revolutionizing clinical testing and patient care. From August 4-8 in Anaheim, California, the meeting’s 200-plus sessions will deliver insights on a broad range of timely healthcare topics. Highlights of these include discussions exploring direct-to-consumer genetic testing, precision medicine’s progress to date, how genes shape the brain circuitry that defines human behavior, and emerging technologies ranging from new cannabis tests to extremely rapid molecular diagnostics. 


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